Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Plein Air at New Braunfels, Texas 德州戶外寫生

We had a 3-day plein air workshop with artist, Ron Rencher in early December.  We painted in the Texas Heritage site and Kreusler Ranch around New Braunfels.  Here are my 3 paintings to share.  I've admired Ron's paintings for many years and taken a few of his workshops before.  I always learned something more to improve my paintings - the value, composition, color temperatures, etc. 

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Time for Cooking 烹飪時刻

She was cooking in the old English Village in the Plymouth Plantation in Cape Cod.  People in this village wear the clothes and live in simple houses as in the 17th century when the Pilgrims arrived in America via the Mayflower ship from England.   The lights from the upper window, the textures of the walls and the girl in cooking caught my eyes for an interesting painting.  The overall warm colors along with the cool blue top present a picture of harmony.

Oil on linen canvas board, 20x16

Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Four Horses of the Apocalypse, 聖經 - 4匹馬的啟示

This is a large painting (30x48") requested by my friends, Virginia and Al.  They asked me to paint the four horses of the apocalypse per Revelation in Bible.  Before I started I read the bible to understand the story behind the four horsemen.  Then I did a small painting of 9x12 for their review first before I take on the big piece.  Now this painting is being hung in their family room with two crosses in each side.  They look fabulous.  Virginia and Al are very pleased with the painting.  It was my pleasure to take on this project.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Autumn along the Blanco River. 波蘭克河之秋

I would like to credit my artist friend, Robert Anschutz, for his image that I used as a reference for this painting.  Depending on the weather and rain we may have fabulous autumn colors in Texas.  Here is the River Road along the Blanco River in Wimberley, Texas.  Cypress trees are lovly along the river.  Wimberley is a small charming town in the hill country.  I enjoy to visit there often.  

Oil on canvas board, 12x9

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Sunflowers Delight 向日葵

I've painted many paintings of sunflowers.  Here is another one to share.

Oil on canvas board, 8x10

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Serenade, 街頭小曲

After visiting the National Art Gallery, we enjoyed the walk from Trafalgar Square to China Town in London.  It was a sunny and warm afternoon.  The streets were full of people who were mostly tourists or visitors.  This girl was serenading crowds with her violin.  I love to paint musicians with their instruments on my canvases and have done so many times.  The connection between music and art is just a beautiful thing and touches my heart.

Oil on canvas board, 16x12

Whispering 天鵝細語

It was a beautiful sunny day when we were boating on the lake in Luzern, Switzerland.  To my surprise there were so many swans swimming in such a big lake.  They were not afraid of people.  I saw one girl feeding the swans in her bare hands.   We bought some light lunch, sat by the lake watching the swans, and took in the breathtaking snow mountain in the distance.  Switzerland is such a beautiful country.  I would come back to visit in a heart beat.  I took a few photos and did this painting with two swans whispering.

Oil on canvas, 24x36

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Another Raining Night at Paris 巴黎夜雨

We arrived in Paris in the rain.  It rained for all 3 and half days while we were there.  The evening lights and people with umbrella gave another side of beauty in Paris.  The rain did not stop our sightseeing activities.  We got to visit several well known museums, ride the boat on Seine River, visit the Eiffel Tower in a cold raining day, and visit the Monet's Garden in a misty morning.  Every thing in Paris is so attractive especially when the sun was out on the last night we were there.  The whole city came to alive under the sun.  We enjoyed the walk from Louvre to Champs Elysee where people enjoyed afternoon outings in shops and cafes.  With the artist eyes and i-pad on hand I tried to take in all the beautiful scenes as much as possible for my future paintings. Oh yes, I love Paris.

Oil on canvas board, 16x12

Monday, April 13, 2015

Make Way for Ducklings 為鴨子開路

While visiting the Boston Public Garden in the fall of 2014, this little girl was riding on the statue of the mother duck and a row of 7 baby ducks walking behind her.  The sunlight shining on her face was so beautiful.  I snapped a quick shot with my I-pad.  Here is the painting to depict the lovely scene of Boston.  You can find these lovely bronze sculptures by Beacon St and Charles St in Boston.  They were created by artist Nancy Schons.

Then I found out more story about these ducklings.  "Make Way for Ducklings" is a popular children book authored by Robert McCloskey.  The story is about Mrs. Mallard was sure the pond in Boston Public Garden would be a perfect place for her 8 ducklings to live.  The problem was how to make way to get there from the busy Boston streets.  She then got help from the Boston Police to safely transport these ducklings to the garden pond.  What a lovely story.

Oil on canvas board, 16x12 SOLD

Ms. Maryam 瑪莉安小姐

Here is my dear friend Maryam when she was 23.  Both she and I came to US on the same date, August 16, 1976, as graduate students.  She arrived in NY while I arrived in LA.  We both ended up in Texas working for the same company in the same IT project.  What a blessing in life to get to know each other from two different cultures and became good friends.

I used one of Maryam's black and white photos as a reference and painted it in color.  I continue enjoying painting portraits and/or figures for people who I know or met during my travel journey.

Oil on canvas board, 14x11, private collection

Green Sash 阿拉墨前揮舞

During the annual rodeo in San Antonio in February, the Western Heritage Parade was carried out in down town streets with horses, longhorns, sheep, wagons, cowboys/cowgirls plus native Indian dances performed in front of the Alamo.  This Indian worrier was showing out his dance moves in his fabulous costume.  I was so excited to watch their performance and enjoyed the music, colors and movements.

Oil on canvas, 20x16

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Colors of Guadalupe River 多彩的瓜達路河

The autumn colors by Guadalupe River are most attractive.  The tubing tourists have gone home.  We locals get to enjoy the river with a peace of mind.  Here is the river flowing through the little historical town called Gruene in Texas.  The trees are turning red and pink yet the river is cool and blue.  Don't you just want to visit here soon?

This painting won the first place in the oil category in the TEXAS show in New Braunfels Art Gallery.  This show is currently in exhibition this month thru the end of July 2015.

Oil on canvas board, 11x14

Morning Walk, 漫步于晨光下 ( 承德、避暑山莊)

The royal retreat in Cheng-De, China (3 hours of bus ride to the north from Beijin) is one of the most picturesque places in the world historical sites.  I was so fortunate to visit this place in the spring of 2011.  I took into my memory lane with a great pleasure of  the beautiful rivers, hot spring, mountains, historical buildings, gazebos, bridges, gardens, and flowers.  Wow this is an ideal place for art retreat.  Every direction you see is a paintable subject.  I hope this will happen some day.

Oil on Canvas,  20x24

Touch of Red 紅葉

We visited Acadia National Park in Maine last September.  The map leaves were just about turning to red - a sign of autumn was coming.  Here was a corner of the park where we had lunch in the picnic area.

Oil on canvas board, 11x14

Thursday, February 12, 2015

What is the Question? 有問題嗎?

This painting is a detour from my regular oil painting style.  I just completed a workshop in collage from artist Vie Dunn-Harr.  I have never done an abstract painting or collage before and had no idea how to read or appreciate an abstract painting.  After the workshop I believe I've gained knowledge on design elements in making a stronger art.  Here I painted duplex canvases in abstract forms.  I then added a few flowers and trees as the focal points.  You may want to read whatever you like on the shapes and movements of this painting.  After I completed it I saw a big question mark that I did not pre-plan.  Do you see it?  Life is unpredictable.  We have to deal with whatever are thrown at us with our best ability we can.  Life is like a big question mark.  Don't you feel that?

I framed these 2 canvases in the Illusion black/gold frames.  They look beautiful.

Acrylic in canvas, 2 of 9x12

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Girl in Plimoth Plantation, 17 世紀移民新大陸的女孩

We took a tour to visit Cape Cod and islands in September 2014.  I learned more history about the early pilgrims' life during the visit to the Plimoth Plantation.  This place has an early English village containing the houses, animals, and gardens that depict the way of living back then in early 17th century.  People in the village were dressing in the clothes for that era.  It was interesting to see how people lived back then with limited things in the house.  I felt fortunate and grateful that we get to enjoy so many modern convenience now in our lives.  This girl was sitting in the kitchen working on chores.  The light coming from the top window created a perfect composition for my painting.  I felt the painting pulled me back in time to the 17th century as I placed each brush stroke.

Oil on canvas, 20x16 SOLD

Happy Trail 歡悅的馬車上

She was a beautiful and cheerful cowgirl guiding two strong horses for our wagon during our chuck wagon ride in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in June 2014.  She is a college student and works as a wagon director in the summer.  We had fun during the ride while some actors playing as Indians running and screaming around the hill side.  I took a few of snapshots during the ride and painted her to capture the moment of joy.

Oil on canvas, 16x12

Monday, November 10, 2014

Gruene Mansion Inn 格瑞酒店

Gruene is a popular small town that offers historical sites, fine dining, and many boutique stores with something about Texas for you to take home.  Gruene Mansion Inn is one of the charming places you may want to stay.  As I strode down the street the lights and shadow of this historical building were so attractive for a painting.  See me in Gruene sometime.

Oil on canvas, 12x16 SOLD

River Whispering (Wimberley, TX) 河上細語

Wimberley is such a charming small town in Texas Hill Country.  It has been a tour destination for its beauty and history with a Pioneer Town to visit. The Blanco River is running through Wimberley that is a popular outing location for locals and visitors.  This part of river is located right by the Pioneer Town.  The water was flowing quietly and ducks were swimming or playing on the rocks by the river bend.  This painting is to capture the tranquility of the river at this moment in the morning.

Oil on canvas board, 11x14

Walking in the Woods 林中漫步

It was the early fall this year we visited the charming Acadia National Park in Maine.  The spotty red leaves told us the autumn was around the corner.  We had a lunch in one of the picnic areas to take in the beautiful pines and maple trees with welcoming fresh air.  A father and son walking through the path was such a heart warming scene to capture.

Oil on canvas board, 14x11

Monday, October 20, 2014

Sailing through Sunset 夕照帆影

We were in a tour to visit the magnificent coastal line of Maine in September, 2014.  While in Portland we had a dinner in Dimanlos Restaurant.  This restaurant was remodeled from a retired old ship that was operating in James Town, RI many years ago.  As I enjoyed the delicious seafood dinner I saw the sky and water of the harbor became rosy and beautiful.  I did this painting to capture the moment in my memory.

Oil on canvas, 12x16 SOLD

The Love of Roses 玫瑰之情

I love roses and also like to paint them on my canvas.  I did a composition with several of my rose photos with an intention to do a white on white.  After I painted the roses I decided that some dark would bring out the roses better.  The idea of 3 cones at the bottom was gotten from the flower arrangement presented in the International Flora Exposition in Taipei in 2010.  So here is the result.

Oil on canvas, 14x11

In the Market in Taipei 在台北菜市場買水果

I grew up in Taiwan in my early years.  I always enjoyed the fun time to shop for daily fresh produce or whatever treasure you could find in the open air market that was usually set out along the streets in the morning.  This market is in a suburb of Taipei called XinDian.  As I walked in the market with my sister those colorful umbrella along with the fruit stands caught my eyes.  I did a few snap shots for my reference.  Here is the painting to document the daily life in Taipei.  My sister commented that this painting made such an ordinary market so attractive - yes, it was beautiful through an artist's eyes.

Oil on canvas board, 14x11

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

When Matisse Met Tess 當馬蹄司遇到塔思小姐

We went to see the special exhibit of paintings, drawings, and sculptures by Henri Matisse in San Antonio Museum of Art.  This was a fabulous exhibit.  We were fortunate to see the works of this old French master.  After the show we went to the Museum Cafe for lunch.  We met the delightful waitress, Tess, who was wearing a colorful top that was just like the girls in Matisse's paintings.  We asked Tess to pose for us in front of the big Matisse poster in the cafe.  Here is my painting from the reference photo.  It depicts like Matisse was painting Tess.

Oil on Canvas, 16x20

Under the Big Sky 穹蒼大地

Visiting the "big sky country" in Jackson Hole, Wyoming was so much fun in June, 2014.  We visited the fabulous Grand Teton and Yellow Stone National Parks, surrounding areas and many top notch art galleries.  I was inspired by so many master paintings.  One morning we went to visit a Dude Ranch and saw a group of people heading out on the horse back.  What a beautiful sight under the morning sun?  Here is my painting to capture this beautiful "big sky" country.

Oil on Canvas, 24x36

Walking in the Rain 雨中行

It was a raining day when our cruise ship arrived at the last stop at Ketchikan, Alaska before heading to Vancouver.  Here is my painting to capture the misty, raining day.  It was fun to paint people under umbrella and the water reflection on the street.  Alaska cruise was a memorable trip.

Oil on canvas board, 11x14 (SOLD)

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Touch of Autumn 白楊秋色

Aspens give me a special feeling whenever I see them along my travel journey.  This painting depicts the beauty of the backyard of a famous artist, Walt Gonske, in Taos, NM.  It was a beautiful sunny day.  We were fortunately doing plein air paintings on his property and also got a chance to meet the artist.  The autumn colors of the aspens touched my heart in this painting.

Oil on canvas board, 12x9

Country Jamboree 鄉村樂曲

We spent a week in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, visiting the beautiful Grand Tetons and Yellowstone national parks and the surrounding areas in June 2014.  The art exhibited in galleries here were outstanding.  I was inspired by many amazing paintings done by the current and past artists. On the last evening before heading home we took a chuck wagon ride called Bar T Five.  This was the first time I rode on a wagon pulled by horses and it was quite fun,  At the end of the trail we were served with the delicious BBQ meal and a nice country musical performance by a band of 4 people.  This cowboy, painted here, was the lead violinist.  I took several snap shots using my i-phone.  This one came out with beautiful lights and shapes.  I have captured the moment with this painting.

Oil on canvas board, 14x11

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Girl Playing Guitar 琴聲悅耳

She was playing guitar in a bright sunny afternoon in Santa Fe, NM during the Canyon Road Art Festival in October 2013.  It was delightful watching her and her band's performance.  The warm sun light bathed on her hair and her face urged me to get a quick snap shot for my painting as shown here.  Isn't she lovely?  Figure painting has been one of my loves in my art journey.  I hope to do more whenever there is a great moment fleeting through my eyes.

Oil on canvas board, 14x11

Spring Arrived at San Antonio River 河邊春遊

In early May of 2014 we hosted a small college class reunion - 7 of us including friends from California and Oklahoma in addition to 3 of us in Texas.  During the 5-day gathering we visited the most popular attractions in and around San Antonio.  We walked along the river and enjoyed the beautiful scene, sat by the lagoon of the River Center Mall listening the Latin music, and had a glass of Margarita and dinner in the Rio Rio Restaurant.  Life was good.  What else you would asked for in life?  This painting depicts a quiet part of the river.  Two little walking figures are my friends, Maryann and Chuli.  I would also like to credit the fabulous photo shot taken by my friend, Roy Chang, as my painting reference.

Oil on canvas board, 12x16, Private Collection

Standing Out 一枝獨秀

Water lilies are one of my favorite subjects that I like to paint on my canvas.  This beautiful water lily was found in the Chinese Pavilion in Epcot Center at Orlando, Florida.  I did this painting using abstract shapes and leaves as the background.  The misty looking background makes the lily stand out even more.

Oil on canvas, 12x16

Country Living 鄉村情趣

My artist friend, Laraine, invited us to have a still live party.  She has collected numerous props over the years including flowers, vases, Indian artifacts, blankets, etc. plus the fresh produce from her garden.  We had blast to set up whatever composition we like to form nice shapes, lights and shadow for our painting references.  Here is one I painted after the party.  Thanks Laraine for the delicious lunch too.

Oil on canvas board, 11x14

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Along the River at Rocky Mountain, 山中溪水

The Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado is one of my favorite places that I've visited many times.  Two years ago I had a painting trip with an artist friend, Myra Knapp.  I painted by this river in a smaller size of canvas as an on-location study and also took a few photos.  Then I printed it again recently in a larger size canvas in studio, as seen here.  It surly brings back the nice memory of the fresh air and serenity of this beautiful mountain range.

Oil on linen canvas board, 16x20, SOLD

Swirling, 舞者韻律

They were dancing in the Asian Festival in San Antonio on Feb 1, 2014.  I was watching the program, did a few quick shots and particularly loved this one with beautiful movements.  In order to capture the feeling of their swirling movements I painted the background with the curving shapes.  This Chinese dance group consists of about 12 or more ladies.  They performs different dances in Chinese New Year events every year.  Their costumes are always beautiful.  Many of them have a professional job.  They practice dances at the weekends or nights after their busy life in work and family.   I have enjoyed their performance each time.

Oil on canvas, 20x16  SOLD

Spring Arrives at Guadalupe River 河邊春色

Spring has arrived at the Guadalupe River.  The trees in vibrant greens bring shades and nice scenery along the river.   The fun of tubing is just about to begin when tourists from all over Texas are coming here to enjoy the cool summer on the river.  My sister Jinfen asked to have this painting for her new home.  She said the spring colors with the smoothly flowing river will bring blessings to her family according to Feng Shui. Well that is a good thing for home decor.

Oil on canvas board, 12x16, Private Collection

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Along the Guadalupe River #5, 瓜達路泊河邊遊

The Guadalupe River in Texas offers many beautiful spots for tourist tubing as well as for artist to paint.  Here is another painting I did for this river in the area by River Road in New Braunfels, Texas.

Oil on canvas board, 12x16

A Hawaii Beauty, 夏威夷之花

I did this black and white study from a photo I took at Maui Plantation Farm.  Colors are wonderful but this blank and white painting really catches your eyes.  I gave this painting to my art patrons Sara and Michael.

Oil on paper, 5x7, private collection

In An Indian Market, 賣花布的印第安女郎

I met this girl in an Indian Market during our visit to Copper Canyon in Mexico.  She was there in the early morning breeze under the warm sun.  She was selling colorful printed clothes, pots and baskets with a guitar by her side.  I can't resistant to snap a beautiful shot and paint it.

Oil on canvas board, 12x16, SOLD

My Father, 老爸

Here is my dear father.  He was the one brought our family from China to Taiwan in 1950 during the hardship of Chinese civil war.  The journey we took to safely arrive in Taiwan was an amazing story that can be written in a book. We are grateful to grow up in Taiwan with peaceful growing years and good education.   He was a WWII veteran and a retired Lieutenant Colonel in Air Force.   When I was a young girl I thought my dad was a very handsome man especially in his Air Force uniform.  He taught us with Chinese values and disciplines.  He was definitely the general of the family.  We were raised under his military authority and disciplines.  He taught girls and boys with the same rules - be independent and fulfill the best in our life.  Under his teaching six of us siblings are doing well in our lives.

I have his photo in my house for many years.  I love this picture of him wearing a traditional Chinese blue robe and a scarf matching with his hat plus the strong light and shadow.  Finally I did an oil painting from it as shown here.  I love this painting very much and will bring it to my brother John during my next visit.

Oil on canvas board, 12x9, Private  Collection

Brother John, 錦江

Here is my older brother John (JinJiang).  He is the number one son and the most respected person in our Lee family.  He is a retired Air Force colonel and now runs a company in Taipei.  I appreciate him and his lovely wife Liyu taking care of my parents during their golden years until their passing.  He is a grandfather of two handsome grandsons.

Oil on canvas board, 12x9, private collection

JinHai 錦海

Here is my younger brother JinHai.  He is quite a character and an outstanding singer.  He is shy at times but he can be a totally different person on stage.  He has hosted many shows and entertaining programs for organizations and parties.  He is one of the kind in our family and often offers different opinions.  He has a lovely wife MingHui who adores him very much.

Oil on canvas board, 12x9, private collection

Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Leader 一馬當先

2014 is the year of horse according to Chinese calendar.  I always love to paint horses and have done so many time.  This painting was done to celebrate the Year of Horse.  I wish all my family, friends, and my art viewers have a prosperous and successful new year.

Oil on canvas, 20x16

Purple Impression 紫色印象

This painting was done from a photo image taken by a fine photographer, Tom Bender.  Tom generously let me do an oil painting from his image as an art collaboration.   His image has the solid dark background.  I followed the general composition but changed out the background to show the light gradation.

Oil on canvas, 12x12, Private Collection

The Wash Day 洗衣日

When I saw these clothes lines in a fishing village in Venice, Italy, I knew I wanted to snap a picture for my painting reference.  The houses on this small island were painted in all different and bright colors.  It looks like a place from a fairytale.  We had fun visiting and had lunch on the island.

Oil on canvas board, 12x16, SOLD

Jin Yin 錦茵

 Here is my little sister Jin Yin.  I did this painting a while back.  After I painted the other 2 sisters I also made some modification to enhance the shadow area and the background.  I like this version better.  Here is her bathed under the sun with the ocean breeze in southern Taiwan.  She is a very intelligent and effective lady, has raised 2 outstanding sons.

Oil on canvas board, 9x12, Private Collection

Jin Fen 錦芬

Here is my sister Jin Fen.  I did this painting of her from a photo we took during our trip to east coastal Taiwan a couple of years ago.  I sent this painting image to her and she replied with emotion saying " This is the best gift to me.  You've painted me so beautiful, young, and elegant.  I love it very much with tears in my eyes."  I think I've captured a person with a very kind heart.

Oil on canvas board, 12x9 Private Collection

Jin Hua 錦華

Here is my sister Jin Hua.  She is a hard working mother and wife, a very outgoing person who can easily have conversation with people she meets.   I think I've captured her nice smile.    I hope to visit her soon and give this painting to her.

Oil on canvas board, 12x9,  Private Collection

Friday, November 1, 2013

Standing Strong 挺拔

 This tree has been standing here in Ghost Ranch for many years.  It was featured in one of Georgia O'Keeffe's painting many years ago.  It has this artistic composition and attracted me to paint it.  While in Ghost Ranch I took tours to visit the landscape where Georgia O'Keeffe painted and also visited her home in Abique.  I was impressed with her vision of art and environment as a lady artist living in early 20th century.  On the way home we also visited her museum in Santa Fe to see the special exhibit of her paintings done in Lake George of NY before her time in New Mexico.  It was a fabulous exhibit.  I am so glad I got to see the original paintings of this amazing and unique artist. 

Oil on linen canvas board, 10x8
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